The top reasons for network downtime

New research paints a somewhat bleak picture of network performance. Outages are frequent. Hours typically pass before an issue is reported and resolved. Protective measures are manual and error prone.

The source of the data is a survey of 315 network pros at midsize and large enterprises. The survey was sponsored by Veriflow, a San Jose, Calif.-based startup that aims to minimize the risk of network vulnerabilities and outages. Veriflow’s software is designed to catch network problems before they happen by predicting possible network-wide behavior and continually verifying that a network model adheres to an enterprise’s security and resilience policies.

The survey results are interesting (with the acknowledgement that the sponsor of the survey makes software to combat network outages). Here are some of the key findings.

The human element
Nearly all respondents (97%) agree that human error is a cause of network outages. How much of a factor, however, varies. Roughly half (52%) said human error leads to few network outages. Other respondents find it’s a contributor to frequent network outages (25%), most network outages (18%), and even all network outages (2%). Just 3% said they catch and correct all mistakes before they cause an outage.

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