Verizon-Boston fiber optic deal means more than faster Internet service

To say that Verizon will be spending $300 million to install fiber-optic cable in the city of Boston misses the bigger point.

Over six years, Verizon will replace its copper wire with fiber optic cable for Internet and, potentially, cable TV service to homes and businesses. But there’s a lot more to the deal announced with Boston on Tuesday.

Verizon and the city will get a fiber “platform,” the two parties said, which is another way of saying that there will be many other uses for the new fiber optic cable.

First, Verizon and the city have agreed that fiber will serve as a backhaul to small cellular devices atop lighting and utility poles to boost 4G LTE wireless capability and coverage where needed. The two parties have entered into an agreement where Verizon will pay $50,000 a year for the city’s administration cost of issuing construction permits. In addition, Verizon will pay for the permits to run fiber strands up many of the utility poles in the city.

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